Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to write romantic novels ?

There are many people who are willing to write novels, but they will not be able to execute it. Because they don't have where and how to begin. Here are the tips that can help you in writing romantic novels.
Draw a plot outline:
Write down the points that you have in mind. Write your story what is about and the outline of the story. Add some drama or twist in the middle, to make readers enjoy the novel. This helps you to proceed with the writings.
Describe your characters  
The important part of the novel is the characterization. Always remember not to connect with the characters in the novel.  Write down your protagonists lead in the novel from their age to desires of life and more.
Include intriguing event
When you watch a film especially romantic movies, you will be eager  to know the endings right? This is how a novel should also be. Your readers should grasp for climax. You should also think about some interesting events and should build up to the plot and lead to the climax.
End with panache
Many writers work hard to bring their novel popular, but the most common mistake they make is on the endings. They just rush things up.  Running to complete  your  work will result in spoiling of the novel . So save the  best for the last. If the novel is great and if the climax are disappointing then the novel will speak as bas taste in the reader's mouth. So make sure you give equal importance to the climax.
Write fitting dialogues
The integral part of romantic novels in Dialouges. Stop writing heavy romantic lines and give importance for dialogues. Readers always expect dialogues at situations. Be realistic and natural in setting dialogues at the correct place. And include romantic dialogues between the protagonist A and B.
Read lots of romantic novels
Reading helps you lot. If you are writing a romantic novel, then you probably should read lots of romance novels. Many have written starts well in the middle and mess things at the end. This is because of confusion. You can flush those confusions by reading novels it helps you get the essence of how a good romance novel should be.
Keep patience
Patience is very important for writers. Many writers don’t get to their level they aspire because of lack of patience. Choose a proper time to write, keep your mind free. Increase your chances to write better. Keeping patience while writing is very important. It takes time before you hi the peak.
Write regularly
Writing should be regular especially for novels. Sudden stoppage of writing will result in postponing of work. You have to write regularly to make your mind fit. You may lose interest and your aspiration of writing novels will fly away. So keep writing.
Proper grammar
Check novel and correct spellings, punctuations and grammatical issues. Readers don’t encourage novels that have wrong grammar.
Enjoy what you write
What ever your writings may take interest and write it. Focus on writings what you feel others would like then you will surely success in your career.

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