Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 Most Common Errors To Avoid While Publishing Self-Written Book

If you really wish to make your book popular among the readers it is necessary that it looks exactly like any other professional book. A book that fits on a book shelf of any store is preferred. What you write inside the book should also resemble other books. Even after finishing the book you have to continue making its look even better. If you are new into writing and self publishing your book, remember it is a long way to go. So if you want people to notice your book, avoid some commonly made mistakes.
Unpleasant cover - If the cover page is not attractive enough change it and get it designed from a cover designer by giving away some coins.

Adequate structure – It is important that your book has chapter, serial numbers and a proper start, description in the middle and end. Without these a reader will find it difficult to keep a track of the story and may give up reading the book further.

Lack of proofreading -Try to detect each and every flaw and grammatical mistake in the book. If necessary ask for a proof reader who can most accurately find out minor faults.

No sections - It is always better to include all sections in your book just like any professional book has. The title page, copyright pages, index, publication etc. are some of the few.  Your readers will expect all these contents in the book.

Leaving Spaces - Keep it in mind to leave proper space for margin. Making the margins small only makes it difficult and boring. The font and its size should also be well maintained.

 No ISBN number -Do not forget to mention the ISBN number and barcode on the back. No book-seller will sell your book without having it.

Less is good – Remember that the reader is expecting a non-fiction book that has constant ups and downs. Keep it short and to the point. Too much becomes boring and reader may not find it interesting to apply your solutions to his problems. Avoid repeating things over and over again.

Lack of solutions to problems –Remember a reader reads your book because he seeks to find some solution to his problems that even you might have faced in your life. Therefore be precise in writing about ways by which you jumped out of the difficult situations. Writing what the reader expects makes you a great author.

Pouring out your heart – A reader does not expect you to write the same old crap that he has read before. Something new and fascinating is always welcome. So try writing things in a more real way and including real life incidences can help too.

Readers are priority – It is your duty to keep in mind what readers expect from your side. Thinking only about money making is not your motto. Your book should have a message for the readers and must support fair practices. Any false statements will make you a bad author.

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