Friday, March 29, 2013

Tips To Publish Your First Book

If you are a writer then it is very essential that you should have some knowledge about the book publishing after writing a great book. Here in this article we have discussed three most significant and basic points that a writer should consider to avoid wastage of their own and the publisher’s time as well. Hope the below mentioned points or the tips will help you lot after completing your book and its publication process.
The very first thing, which writers should keep in their mind that the book publishers don’t really care about content or quality of the book to be published. Even though you will like the fact, but it is a true fact that no matter how interesting topic you have selected or how hard you have worked on your book. The only thing they look for that will enhance total sell of the book and ultimately help them to earn lots of money from it in a period of time. Hence, it becomes very essential for you to do a complete research on your selected topic, even before you start writing on it to make sure that there is a demand on that particular subject or not? If, you have written a book on any topic that does not have much demand in market then in such case you really need to battle hard to publish your book.
The second thing that you should consider is while going to any publisher avoid explaining them the reasons which will make your book as well as you something like great. You just need to explain the reason that will make your book popular and will enhance it sell. To make the publisher understand about it, you can make your own presentation, stating the records of any other book on similar topic or subject along with their demand statistics. The more numbers of examples you can present in front of him/her, it will be much easier for you to convince him/her. In short, we can say that just focus on profit potential rather than the content of your book.
Last step or the last point that you should keep in mind where many individual get disillusioned is that you should keep this in mind that money, which you will make from your book will be very negligible when it get compared with the amount that the publisher will make. If you are actually lucky to have really a big seller that is little rare unless you are any known personality or celebrity, you can be lucky to generate $20,000 after clearing all the smokes whereas your publisher will generate around four times of your work. In simple terms, do not keep your expectation too high, as with just one or first book you cannot make huge profit.

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