Monday, March 11, 2013

Length Of An E-book For Successful E-book Promotion

There are number of websites that are offering e-books now days and at the same time they are also offering a great platform to the writers who want their e-book publishing or e-book promotion through the help of these websites and is one of them. However, length acts as a trouble for many of the new author while e-book publishing.
Let’s find out how long the e-book should be while your e-book promotion.
It has been said that there is no perfect answer for this question. As per many of the e-book writers, it has been said that the length of the book should entirely depend on two elements such as topic and genre of the e-book. For example if you prefer to write on “how-to, non-fiction genre.”
If you are planning to write on subject that are familiar to you such as freelance writing, e-book publishing or the affiliate or internet marketing then it is important that you should keep them in between the word count of 10,000 to 15,000 words, which means 40 to 60 pages consisting an average of around 257 words on every page of the book.
Of course, it is not compulsory that you should keep the number of pages in your mind while writing your book, rather you should try to cover all the essential points in your book related to your topic so, that your readers will get a complete idea on that topic. However, such number of word counts or the number of pages are considered as just perfect for the e-book and ultimately helps you in your e-book promotion.
When you will search the answer for the same question on Google, surely will get many different response, carrying wide range of pages such as:
The short non-fiction e-book can be as small as of 24 pages consisting 6000 word counts in it, whereas the longer e-books should carry word counts ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 or from around 30 to 100 pages. However, you should keep this in mind that the length of the book should entirely depend on the audience you are targeting. It is also very important that your information offered in your e-book should be impressive and not be exaggerated.
It has been seen that the buyers of e-book get their choice of book due to various reason such as learn the method to do any particular thing, to be transported by any story and many more.
Hence, it becomes very vital that you should know your target audience and the reason why they will buy your e-book, rather the focusing mainly on the length of the book. Then only your e-book publishing can be a big hit and you will get the success in writing e-book as well as e-book promotion.

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