Monday, March 11, 2013

7 Steps To Write An E-book

Even if you are not an online publisher or an author, but still if you feel enthusiast about writing then you can write and publish your book on pegasus publishing. It is quite simple and you just have to write a book, then re-design it with e-reader format and later publish it on the site.
As, you might be aware about the fact that in today’s time many people opt for e-books to read on various interesting topics as per their choice then in such case it will be great opportunity for the new writers to show their talent to the world as well as to earn some money.
Here are few tips that you can follow to write an e-book:
Select a category:
The first thing that you need to require while writing an e-book is to select a category, which should be based on your interest, principles or hobbies. For example, if like self-help books then you can write in topics such as ways to overcome various challenges I life, suitable way of time management, ways to lead a healthy life etc.
Write book outline:
An outline helps in organizing the thoughts and at the same time it directs the flow of the book. It ultimately helps in saving lots of time in long run, rather than starting to write book exactly after you decide on category.
Be sure that you should include all the details of your e-book. For example, if you are planning to write a book on ways to do the flower arrangements that you should try to include color arrangement section, most commonly used flowers along with their names and some affordable place to get the materials and many more.
Start Writing:
Since, here we are discussing about e-book publishing then you should try to use the word processing software while writing the book. It will help you to check the grammar and spelling errors. It will also help you to know the total word count of the book.
Create introduction section:
It is very important that you should include interesting and catchy introduction section for your e-book, which will help you to attract readers for your book. For example, while writing a book on flower decoration you can start with a nice quotation of fun with flower arrangement. You can also enhance the interest of the readers with few questions such as do you want to be an expert in flower arrangement or want show your creativity with flower arrangement?
It is also very important that you should highlight essence of your e-book by offering few ways of flower arrangement. Try to explain your readers that your e-book will help them to achieve their respective goal. At the end of the introduction part doesn’t forget to say thanks to your readers for buying your e-book and making out some time to read it.
Work on chapters:
Try to keep your book and topics shorter and create sections for various topics such as a separate chapter for wedding arrangements, Ikebana arrangement, interior design and many more. Avoid exaggerating any topic as it will lead to boredom while reading unnecessary things. You can use the outline of the e-book to write the chapters.
End with conclusion:
The conclusion is nothing but the summary of the e-book, where you should mention all the important points of the book all again but it should be much shorter than the introduction of the e-book.
Read & Edit your e-book:
It is very important that you should read and then edit the book after completing it for any sort of improvement in it.
After following all the steps while writing your e-book, you can visit to get assure that you have written a book compatible to the website. Now, to upload the book you can follow the various steps mentioned at the site.

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