Saturday, March 9, 2013

Methods For Marketing & Promotion Of Your Book

Can self-published books be sold without any special marketing strategies? What are the ways in which Self Publishers can use promotion techniques to make their books known?
Some of the options are provided below:
Promoting before publishing
A smart way of promotion is to people aware of your book even before you get it published. You can choose one of the many options available before the book actually enters into the market. By making use of the various Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo it is possible for the readers to have a quick promo of your book. You might as well post on your wall a free sample of one of the chapters in the book. This helps you to know the response by your readers and make necessary changes before the book gets published.
You can also try writing blogs which make the people aware of your writing skills and the ones who read your blog will definitely be interested in reading your book. This also creates a buzz about your book even before it is published.

Go, Social Networking!
It may sound a tad too much to give so much significance to social networks but this is the ultimate reality. This is the one way you can let people know about your talent. Twitter, Facebook or Good Reads and Shelfari meant for Interest and Book Social Networks can do wonders for book and make it a bestseller.

Free is best!
Being a new author, it is difficult to have an audience of your own. Therefore it is recommended to give away a free sample of the initial chapter in your book, audio recordings or the entire book as a means to promote your book. Everyone in the world like things given away freely and this can make your book know to all. You can also use the Kindle Select Program through which you can make use of the 5 Promo days to give away your book freely to the readers. This will lead to mouth publicity among people and your book can benefit.

The Virtual tour and Author talk
For readers who are beyond your reach, you can make use of blogs where you can post a virtual tour of your book and also say a few words yourself. You may also call upon a guest to discuss few topics about your book and other related subjects. This will surely have an influence on all the blog readers.

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