Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 Best Online Romantic Novels

The list of the Best Romance Novels is never ending, as there are number of romance novels you can find online with great stories. However, in this article we will discuss five best romance novels available online of year 2012.
Fifty Shades of Grey (E.L. James):
This novel have got first ranking for the best novels of 2012, and it true to some extent. This novel is available in series consisting of three parts and this is the third part. It is a story of a young college girl named as Anastasia Steele who conducts interview of a young but mysterious and wealthy businessman, Christian Grey as a college project. Ana get attracted to him due to his uniqueness and after several meeting they fall for a passionate sensual affair where she starts discovering his dark side hidden deep inside him as well as his persistent need to control by his sadistic sensual practices along with his own desires.
Dream Lake (Lisa Kleypas):
The Dream Lake is also the third part of Friday Harbor series and is one of the most popular romance novels. However, to completely understand this novel you need to read the other two novels of this series. It is a story of two love-wrecked persons living in small city referred as Friday Harbor. Alex Nolan is the youngest among the two and is worst affected through his parents’ alcoholism and difficult childhood. Now, after his separation from his wife and paying compensation while his divorce he became financially broken also and falls for alcoholism and at the same time become more bitter and untrusting for others. In this process he gets a companion in the form of ghost names Zoe Hoffman who has her own struggles in life and she was also hurt number of time by her close ones. In the first sight only both runs for each other and get together in unforeseen situations, where regular battle takes place between them which also changes the life of both the, but of course in better sense.
The Witness (Nora Roberts):
This exciting romance novel is one of the most popular novels on online resources. It is a story of Elizabeth Fitch, who is a student and keeps the world at her fingertips but just out of the reach because of her father who is a neurosurgeon and map out her life for her. At one evening, being rebellious she drinks too much of alcohol and get seduced by one Russian man and accompany her to his place at Lake Shore Drive. However, she never knew that the night will change her life forever. To know how, you must read the whole novel.
The Marriage Bargain (Jennifer Probst):
This is a story of Nicholas Ryan who is looking for a wife for himself and fast in order to get the corporation of his billionaire father for which he needs to be married. However, the only problem that he has is that he has an emotional baggage due to broken home in his childhood and due to which is never believed in love or marriage. Alexa Maria Mekenzie, who is sister of Nike has a female friend who is going through a financial problem, makes a plan to help her by making a brilliant plan to tie both her friend and her brother in marriage for just one year to sort out their respective problems. However, fate had something else for three of them in comparison to what they actually expected.
Last Boyfriend (Nora Roberts):
This is a light as well as a warmhearted romantic novel telling story of two friends Avery and Owen who discover each other in quite new form that they had never expected. They lived as the best of friend for the entire life and Owen was the first boyfriend of Avery when she was just 5 years old. Now Owen is planning to start his business with his brother right across the pizza parlor of Avery where she gets more of innocent opportunity to gaze at him. How, Owen helps Avery every time get past of some of her hidden secrets from childhood to know it you have to read the entire novel.

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